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Mary Beth Goss |

For Catholics, the Sacrament of Baptism is a time of joy for each family, but also a time of joy for our entire community.  Baptism is about BELONGING.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit brought upon us at Baptism, we become sons and daughters of God the Father.

Through the grace of Baptism, we are brought into the Church, the same Church that Jesus Christ started over 2000 years ago.  No matter where we go throughout the world, we belong to God's universal family through the Catholic Church.  At St. John Henry Newman Parish, we want to help each family discover and experience a place of belonging.


Please follow the steps below for baptismal inquiry and preparation.

Step 1

Sign-up and complete the BELONGINGS Baptismal Preparation Course

  • Belonging is an online course that can be done at your convenience. Parents can access the course here: Belonging Online Baptismal Preparation Course.  Once you have paid the $10.00 fee and created a login you will have access to the Baptismal preparation series. 

  • After completing the Baptismal preparation series, you will receive a course completion certificate.  Please email this certificate to the Director of Lifelong Faith Formation, Shawn Lucas ( along with 2-3 things you learned from the program.


Step 2

Select your child's Godparents

The first and biggest decision is making the commitment to have your child baptized and to bring them up in our shared Catholic faith.  The second major decision is to select godparents.  The role of the godparents is to help you guide, support and mentor your child as he/she grows in their Catholic faith.  Take time to rewatch this video on the role of the godparents from Fr. Mike Schmitz and Ascension Press.

Below is a the list of the established norms and requirements in choosing a godparent:

  • There must be one godparent, but you  may have two; if two, one must be male and one must be female.

  • One godparent must be actively living their Catholic faith and meet the following criteria:

    • Is at least 16 years old​

    • Has been Baptized, Confirmed, and receives Holy Communion regularly.

    • Free from any impediments that prevent them from actively participating in the sacraments.  The most common example of an impediment is if he/she is married outside of the Catholic Church (in another faith or civilly).  If married, they must have been married in the Catholic Church.

    • Attending a Baptismal preparation session, like Belonging, is not required, but it is highly recommended to fully understand their role in aiding parents in guiding of the faith.  As parents, you may consider gifting the godparent(s) the virtual training or at consider at least sharing Fr. Mike Schmitz's video on the role of the godparents.

    • On the day of the Baptism, they will fill out and sign a Sponsor/Godparent Attestation Form.

  • The second god parent:​

    • Can be another Catholic in good standing who meets the criteria stated above, OR...​

    • A baptized person who belongs to a non-Catholic church.  They would be considered a Christian witness.

Step 3


Schedule your child's Baptism

After you you have completed the Belongings course, submitted your certificate and 2-3 learned lessons, the Parish office will email you the Baptismal Arrangement Form and we can schedule a date and time for your child's baptism.

Baptisms are held on Sundays after the 9am Mass at St. Athanasius or after the 10:15am Mass at St. Joan of Arc.  We schedule a maximum of two families at a time for baptisms.

Step 4

Celebrate the Baptism!

On the day of the Baptism, we encourage you, the godparent(s), and your guests to join us for the Mass preceding the scheduled Baptism.  The Parish supplies each family with the traditional white garment and candle used as signs within the sacrament celebration.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Mary Beth Goss in the Parish office.

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