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Including St. John Newman Parish in your estate planning leaves a lasting legacy and helps us to continue the St. John Newman mission in your name for generations to come. There are many ways in which you can incorporate St. John Newman into your estate and to do so is less complicated than you might think.

A well-drafted will or living trust allows you to distribute your assets in an orderly fashion. Charitable bequests are an opportunity to make a lasting impact that touches people’s lives in a positive way. Additionally, charitable bequests are 100% deductible under current estate tax laws.

Please consider designating St. John Newman as a recipient of your estate with the following language:

“I give to the Catholic Bishop of Chicago, a corporation sole (dollar amount or percentage of the residue of the estate) for use and benefit of St. John Newman Parish, 1615 Lincoln, Evanston, IL 60201.”

If you have questions or would like someone from St. John Newman to speak with your estate planner, please contact Donna Borman at

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