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Stock Donation

Thank you for considering a gift of stock to an Archdiocese initiative, parish, ministry, or school. To ensure we are able to appropriately process and allocate your generous donation, please follow these steps to initiate the process for a stock donation:


Please complete the electronic Letter of Intention form, which is available online here.

Once you have submitted the form, you will receive a confirmation email with detailed instructions on how to complete your gift of stock. Please follow those instructions.

If you have any questions, please contact Karen Whitehead in the Archdiocese Stewardship and Development Office at (312) 534-7461 or

You can make a gift of securities or stock through an electronic transfer or a physical transfer of stock certificates. Please follow the instructions above for either type of gift.


Matching Gifts

Many companies match charitable donations of their employees and setting it up is a simple request. Matching gifts help to maximize the generosity of our members as well as give St. John Newman access to new resources. Most corporations’ matching gifts programs simply require tax information from the beneficiary of the gift (St. John Newman). We are happy to supply all of the necessary information to your company’s Human Resources department to begin a matching gift program.

Questions regarding a matching gift donation can be directed to Donna Borman at

Expired Savings Bonds

Do you have one of several series of savings bonds reaching final maturity? Contributing proceeds from these bonds to St. John Newman can produce a charitable deduction that will offset tax on unreported interest and reduces other taxable income. You can also contribute the proceeds from the sale of U.S. Savings Bonds toward a charitable gift annuity for St. John Newman. It can produce a generous tax deduction to help offset the taxes from the bond redemption.

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