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Shawn Lucas |

847-328-1430, x5

The mission of the lectors is to understand and proclaim the Word of God so that all those present receive the message of God. Ministers of the Word need to not only be effective communicators but also be able to absorb and express the spirit of the Liturgy.  Lectors should spend time during the week to prepare the readings for Sunday so they are able to bring the story of the Gospel to the parishioners in an interesting manner, much like storytelling. Lectors are asked to arrive at least 10 minutes before Mass to check the lectionary, read through the Prayers of the Faithful and be informed of any last minute changes. Training for new lectors is held each fall.


Members of the Lector Ministry proclaim the scripture passages during Mass. Lectors are typically scheduled about once a month depending on Mass preferences and schedules. Lectors receive a workbook at the beginning of each liturgical year.


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