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Juli Carlin |

Holly Pickering |

“God is in the midst of her, she can't be moved” Psalm 46:5

Welcome to the Women’s Club of St. John Newman Parish. For years, the Women’s Clubs at both parishes have helped form the backbone of parish life. As we merge the two organizations, we look forward to continuing traditions, supporting the parish, nurturing one another, and growing together.

Why a Women's Club?


We know that where two or three are gathered in Christ’s name, He is in their midst (Matthew 18:19-20). The Women’s Club provides women of the parish an opportunity to come together in the sisterhood of Christ. Whether it’s praying together or playing together, the Women’s Club events, both spiritual and fun, build a community to carry us through all the seasons of our lives.

Who is in the Women's Club?


All the women of the newly united St. Athanasius and St. Joan of Arc Parish. No dues or registration required, please just come to events. And bring friends!


Who is leading the Women's Club?


Parishioners Juli Carlin and Holly Pickering are co-leading the Women's Club for 2022-2023. Your participation is encouraged and all are welcome to attend meetings (schedule to come) 


Women’s Club Sponsored Events to come: Turkey Trot (a traveling party, not a race!), Advent by Candlelight, Parish Christmas Party, Lenten Small Group Book Discussions, Theater Night, and Lenten Evening of Reflection.


Welcoming Feedback


As we embark on this newly imagined journey together over the next year, we welcome your feedback. What events or activities would help you grow your faith? Grow in friendships? How can we improve? How would you like to be involved? Email Juli Carlin at or Holly Pickering.

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