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The Soup Kitchen Ministry organizes and prepares nutritious meals for those in the community who need help to meet the daily challenges of life. St. JOHN NEWMAN has four separate groups responsible for specific dates throughout the year at three different Evanston churches. Each group organizes volunteers and meals for the soup kitchen to distribute to those attending.  The ministry is scheduled by the Interfaith Action of Evanston which oversees the soup kitchen program. Below is a list of the ministry soup kitchen locations and the days assigned to each location.  To find out how to get involved by working or contributing food, please call the rectory or email the coordinator of the location you would like to help.

  • First United Methodist Church, Hinman & Church St: Volunteers from our ministry serve every First Thursday of the Month. The Odd Month's ( Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov)  coordinator is Kris Koenig-Morel.  The Even Months (Feb, Apr, June, Aug, Oct, Dec) coordinator is Julie Lynk. Volunteers serve 6 - 7pm.

  • Second Baptist Church, 1717 Benson: Volunteers serve monthly on Mondays, dates vary. The coordinator is Monica Robertson. Volunteers serve at Noon.

  • St Paul Lutherans Church, 1004 Greenwood: Volunteers serve 9 Sundays a year. The coordinator is Mike Masini. Volunteers serve 1 - 4pm.


Donations of food, money or time are always gratefully appreciated.  Monetary donations needed to run the soup kitchen may be given on GiveCentral, or checks to the Rectory.

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